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Productive PostureSpending long periods of work time sitting or standing in one position causes physical pain and muscle fatigue. Pain and fatigue can drastically reduce work performance.
In today’s competitive business atmosphere, healthier employees are paramount to a company’s success.

Although progressive, smart employers are ergonomically improving work stations, changing the work area without correcting employees’ faulty body postures is like improving an old house without fixing the crumbling foundation.

The Productive Posture Series is a powerful tool that can show workers how to immediately improve faulty postures and help prevent the pain and fatigue that comes with them. Individuals can learn safe, effective and innovational methods that correct and change their working postures. These proven exercises can encourage employee productivity by relieving pain and fatigue.

Human beings learn best when they can see, feel and internalize a subject. This workshop is designed for each participant to personalize their exercises and learn first hand how to improve their posture. Research has shown intrinsic learning experiences to be pleasurable and rewarding. Activities are practical and can be used every day.

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”Laura Bender of “Bodies by Bender” shared her enthusiasm for fitness as a featured speaker at the 2007 Montana Dental Association annual meeting held recently in Missoula, with more than 500 persons in attendance. In her presentation Laura demonstrated for dental professionals how to increase their body awareness and improve their posture, so they could prevent much of the pain many suffer at some time in their careers. Her presentation garnered wide attendance and earned her enthusiastic reviews. MDA will certainly invite Laura Bender to future meetings, to share her unique views on how to improve strength and raise fitness levels.”
– Mary McCue
Executive Director
Montana Dental Association

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