Seven Spiritual Laws of Success Workshop

Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Laura in a poseA healthy body, mind and spirit is the key to wealth consciousness. We are all unique beings with individual needs. This workshop is designed to teach professionals to identify, design and easily impliment a healthy diet, exercise, meditation and spiritual philosophy that is unique to them. Using Dr. Deepak Chopras beautiful book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, we will spend four sessions learning how to create a personalized life style map. Lectures, exercises, group breakout sessions and exercises are all designed to build on each other. Let me show you how to create the life of your dreams!

Sessions are on the weekends and last about two and a half hours
4 Sessions Total

Fee: $65.00/session or $260 for full workshop. $35.00 non-refundable deposit.

SESSION I: Introduction to The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success*
SESSION II: Harnessing the Power Within. *
SESSION III: The Abundant Heart.*
SESSION 1V: Journey into Success.*
*description of each session (coming soon)


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