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“Stress is the #1 killer in America”
Psychology Today

Workplace wellness is a dinosaur of the 1980’s. In today’s crazy, demanding and stress filled world, a professional’s attention is either scattered or captured. Stress and workload play a large role in decreasing effectiveness, productivity, motivation and overall wellbeing.

Mindfulness, emotional intelligence and daily office wellbeing practices bring powerful new dimension to work place balance. Emotionally intelligent, mindful teams drive successful companies.  See what other business leaders are saying!

The workplace wellbeing program consists of 5 different classes. Each class can be taught separately or combined depending on your company’s time requirements and needs. You can customize your program for a 90 minute employee meeting or a one day workshop.

Download the flyer here for details.


  • Simple techniques for stress management
  • De-stress at your desk
  • Tools for work life balance
  • Purposeful Communications
  • Food is Medicine
  • Productive postures

(Classes can be combined or taught separately)

All single classes are between 60-120 minutes long and cost $450.00. Classes can be combined for retreats and conventions and can be 2 to 4 hours depending on organizational goals.

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Now is the time to create a new paradigm in your organization. See what other business leaders are saying!

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