Laura Speaking
Laura Bender started a business in a male dominated field and grew it from nothing to a 6 figure business.  Laura has been a fitness guru for 35 years, a wife for 36, a mom for 31 years and a cancer survivor. As a public speaker, she is renowned for her straightforward, open, funny and interactive style. Laura’s storytelling style is both interesting and educational. Laura’s story of resilience as a business leader and cancer survivor is riveting and life changing.  She is a highly sought after life and business coach.  She learned about leadership by hiring people herself, she gives tips on finding balance and success.  Laura is a philanthropist and teaches women how to be successful business leaders.  She is a found member of the Missoula Women’s Giving circle.


A hometown fitness guru and master teacher Laura Bender brought personal training to her town in the 1980’s. As one of Missoula’s top “Movers and Shakers” Laura has shared her story and taught others for over 35 years. Her speaking style is light-hearted, educational, funny and life changing.

Keynote Motivational Speaking Topics

Strong From the Inside Out: Tools for Change
Destressify: How to Live Your Best Life
Ten Traits of a Great Leader
Simple Tips for Stress Control
6 Tactics to Separate Substantive Issues From Personalities
Soul felt Leadership The Success Formula

Top 3 Reasons to Book Laura

  1. She connects with a professional audiences on the keys to success and leadership.
  2. She is a cancer survivor who can teach audiences how to battle back from adversity, because she has done it herself..
  3. She offers a truly inspiring, educational and life changing presentation.

Organizations that Laura has Spoken for

  1. Montana Dental Association Annual Meeting- Presentation- Productive Postures
  2. Montana Board of Realtors Annual Meeting- Presentation- Body, Mind, Spirit. How to Live your Best Life!
  3. Montana Association of Affiliate Organizations- Presentation- The Leadership Solution
  4. Missoula Business Women’s Network- Presentation- The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success
  5. West Coast Association of Property Managers – Presentation
  6. Six Tactics to Separate Substantive Issues from Personalities- Presentation