Holistic Personal Training: An alternative to the club mass training approach. Our trainers are highly skilled fitness professionals. We design a comprehensive lifestyle plan which includes meditation resistance training, flexibility, holistic nutrition and muscular balance. If you have a history of injury our trainers are qualified to use some therapeutic exercises singly or with the help of your physician or physical therapist. You learn proper technique and the reasons why each exercise is important–rather than a flurry of mindless activity that gets you little more than sweaty.
Yoga: The word `yoga` comes from the Sanskrit word yuj, meaning union. More than an exercise routine, yoga is a complete science of balanced living and a path to higher knowledge and joyful abundance. when adhered to and practiced mindfully, the yoga principles and techniques of The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga can be the keys to unlocking your full creative potential, your capacity for love and compassion, and your ability to find success in all areas of your life.
Success Coaching: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success is based on ancient philosophies.Dr. Deepak Chopra has translated these beautiful laws into an easy life practice for stressed out professional people that is both practical and easy to use. By applying these teachings to your professional and private life, you can create your best life, discover your dreams and become abundantly successful.
• Meditation: We spend most of our lives looking outside for happiness, fulfillment and approval. Through meditation, we turn our attention within to re-discover our self, which is the source of all creativity, peace, and joy. Meditation doesn’t involve learning any thing new, just remembering what you already know and integrating it into your life. I can teach you how to access this miracle that is you!
• Workplace Well Being: Each session promotes simple techniques for stress management. Workplace Well Being increases employee satisfaction, productivity, intellect, energy, creativity, and improvement of overall health.
• Productive Posture: The Productive Posture workshops are a powerful tool that can show workers how to immediately improve faulty postures and help prevent the pain and fatigue that comes with them. Individuals can learn safe, effective and innovational methods that correct and change their working postures. These proven exercises can encourage employee productivity by relieving pain and fatigue.
• Keynote Motivational Speaking: Laura Bender has been a fitness guru for 35 years, a wife for 36, a mom for 31 years and a cancer survivor. As a public speaker, she is renouned for her straightforward, open, funny and interactive style. Laura’s storytelling style is both interesting and educational. Laura’s story of resilience as a business leader and cancer survivor is riveting and life changing.

Please feel free to contact Bodies and Soul by Bender via email or call (406) 728-4395 for more information.