Laura providing success coaching to a clientMonetary success has been highly coveted in the western culture. Yet every day countless ”successful” people have nervous breakdowns, heart attacks, cancer and failed relationships! For to long our work culture has taught us to work longer and harder to make more. There is never enough time! “No pain no gain” has become part of our professional mantra!

“Know your truth.”

Finding abundance in your work life and personal life is possible! My success coaching is designed to teach you easy ways to harness your intentions and desires to achieve the successful life that is your birth rite! By applying Dr. Deepak Chopras Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success to your professional and private life, you can  create your best life. Improve your health, look forward to each and every work day. Discover your dreams and be abundantly successful. INTERESTED? CONTACT US!

Sessions are designed to identify:

  • Who you are, your core beliefs and values.
  • What “personal stories” are stopping you from achieving your monetary and emotional wealth.
  • Promotional intelligence and how to strengthen yours to impact your job effectiveness, relationship with others and wealth.

Improve your productivity skills you can use to influence, persuade, and negotiate the perfect career.


  • Good decision making
  • Stress control
  • Leadership skills
  • Emotional intelligence

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