“Laura Bender is a brilliant teacher and a powerful expression of the integration of body, mind and soul. Her process effortlessly infuses emotional and physical balance, resilience and flexibility into her students. Meeting them where they are in life.”
           – David Ji
          World renowned author
Master meditation teacher
Winner of the Nautilus Book Award

“Laura was a great addition to our Annual Wellness meeting.  Days later staff continue to talk about her mindfulness exercises!”

Robert Farmer
HR Director
Missoula Federal Credit Union

“Laura Bender is a bright and innovative success coach. Her ability to identify, and change my companies communication issues was excellent. Her instruction is clear and easy to follow. Break out sessions clearly promoted cooperation and teamwork among employees. My company has greatly improved in our ability to pay close attention to both customer needs and colleague relationships. My company has reaped great benefits from Laura’s workshop. I think other businesses and organizations would benefit from Laura’s programs.”
           – Sherry Featherly
          CEO Missoula Property Management

“The real benefits of regular meditation have surprised me and far exceeded my expectations.  Meditation has improved my emotional resilience and ability to deal with high stress situations.  I also find I have improved concentration and clarity of thought.  My sleep also seems to have been improved by the calming effect meditation seems to have on my psyche. Laura Bender is a fantastic teacher of Meditation and I would highly recommend taking up this practice for improved holistic well-being.”
Brent A. Campbell, P.E.
President / CEO, WGM Group

“I found your exercises and explanations of how problems happen very beneficial. We also had fun working with each other giving objective comments on a person’s posture.”
– Robert Sewell
Vice President/Manager
First American Title Co.of Montana

”Our guests at both La Source Spa in St. Lucia and La Sport Spa in Granada found Laura’s Productive Posture workshop to be both fun and beneficial. Many business people come here to rest, relax and rejuvenate. The comments I have received from the business guests from the U.K. were enthusiastic. Laura has clearly helped many of these people!”
– Sophie Bryan
Personnel Director
La Source Spa West Indies

“Laura is as innovative, fun and supportive now as she was the first time we worked out. The spectrum of her fitness knowledge is huge and has been available for my changing needs over the years. As a mother of two, my time is valuable and is well spent with Laura, for she is a Missoula gem!”
– Sabrina Donahue

“What a great combo personal training and massage!!! I haven’t felt this good in years!!!! My body is stronger, I have more energy, and honestly believe that working periodically with these two ladies is the key to my success!!!”
– Kattie B.

“We love couples exercise with Laura; it’s been great for our relationship, our bodies and spirit.”
– Stu & Mysta Ward

“Holestic personal training is perfect fit for me! Lauras’ combination of alternative stress relieving techniques with her creative, practical diet and exercise approach gives me the tools I want for personal success! You will love her!”
– Tanya Chemodurow

“I am going through my second battle with cancer. I enjoyed everything I learned from Lauras meditation session. She helped me relax and it was the first time I unclenched my jaw in months! You are awesome Laura!”
– Taylor; age 28

“Laura’s approach to fitness involves a holistic approach to working with your body and mind. My stress has  decreased and managed by consistent exercise and meditation . My body is strong & my diet is healthy and wholesome with Laura’s guidance and support.”
– Sherrie Featherly

”I found your exercises and explanations of how problems happen very beneficial. We also had fun working with each other giving objective comments on a person’s posture.”
– Robert Sewell
Vice President/Manager
First American Title Co.of Montana

”I have primarily a staff of office works who sit at their desks most of the day. The employees truly enjoyed the presentation and are continuing to do their exercises.”
– Christie B. Sisco
Montana First Credit Union

”Laura Bender of “Bodies by Bender” shared her enthusiasm for fitness as a featured speaker of the 2007 Montana Dental Association annual meeting held recently in Missoula, with more than 500 persons in attendance. In her presentation Laura demonstrated for dental professionals how to increase their body awareness and improve their posture, so they could prevent much of the pain many suffer at some time in their careers. Her presentation garnered wide attendance and earned her enthusiastic reviews. MDA will certainly invite Laura Bender to future meetings, to share her unique views on how to improve strength and raise fitness levels.”
– Mary McCue
Executive Director
Montana Dental Association

“What a treat is was for our team to work with Laura Bender on Techniques for Managing Stress and other work-life balance techniques Laura certainly was invested in helping our organization with our employee engagement and wellness initiatives.  She took the time to truly understand what our goals were and implement a session specific to our team that was supportive of all abilities.  Employees found her to be genuine, funny, smart, holistic, and engaging and they hope to work with her again!  Thank you Laura!  We will definitely be working with you again.”

-Katie Spaid
State Director
Consumer Direct Care Network



When Laurie found me she was stuck working 10-hour days, held back by fear and a toxic marriage. With just 12-weeks of coaching Laurie found her power. She was able to define clearly what she wanted in both her marriage and her career. Now she works 6-hours per day doing what she loves and is on her way to a six-figure income. She learned how to set clear emotional boundaries with her partner and is living the life of her dreams.


When Sandy and I met her job was overwhelming. Fear of change left her frozen and without confidence. She was miserable and all the things she tried to “fix it” failed. She obsessed about the future and worried about the past which left her to exhausted to devote any energy to her grandchildren or friends.

She made a decision that she was ready for change. In just 12-weeks of coaching with me she identified the subconscious beliefs that kept her stuck. She learned how to use fear as a stepping stone and upped her deserve. Sandy is now working smarter, exercising regularly, and showing up for herself, living the life of her dreams!